Who We Are?

about us

Bethesda is not a charity organisation nor church denomination. It is a vision from God to give lively, living, and eternal hope. to reveal God’s holiness, and to make heaven at last.

This vision was revealed on 13th of March 2017 during a quite time and fellowship with God.

We are an Ambassadors of Hope, Holiness, and Heaven.

We are not for money or fame, but a pilgrims on a mission to win souls for Christ Jesus.

Our Vision: Help from above

Bethesda is a revelation of God’s plan and purpose to transform, reform, and help the helpless- the unemployed and timid population of graduate, undergraduate, young people in general and by extension everyone in the society through the knowledge of God’s word, sacrificial and selfless service.

It is a vision of Hope to the hopeless, help to silence the voice( I have no man) of bethesda, and holy living, and heaven at last shall our happy portion be.

Faithful is He that has promise who also will do it.

Our Mission: Making a difference

  • To help as many to know the Lord.
  • To alleviate the suffering of our students in public spaces(primary, secondary, and tertiary) ensuring that none is sent out of school because of fees, food or any academic needs.
  • To rigoriously pursue a structured system that will enhance smooth Industrial Training(IT) for our undergraduates with commensurable pay like that of NYSC.
  • To shift the focus of our young graduates from job seeking to job creation.
  • To raise faithful people that will defend God's glory in their places of work, family, and society.
  • To support our Churches in the rural areas through Home-missionary work.
  • To deliver the captives, heal the sick and broken-hearted
  • To bring as many sons and daughters to glory.