Bethesda! – When Hope is Deferred

When Hope is Deferred

“Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh; it is a tree of life.”

Pro. 13: 12

Hope is the greatest medicine for the soul, the best Cardiologist of a man’s heart. It’s the driver of our faith and the pilot of our charity. Without Hope, the world will be in darkness. No light can brighten like Hope, no medicine can cure like Hope.

In John chapter 5 verse 5, we were told of a certain man that had an infirmity (sickness) for 38 years waiting daily for the moving of Bethesda pool. The sick man had an aspiration – for an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water. The man also had an assurance –  that if he can only get to the pool first after the move of the water he will be heal. But, the man had no association.  Nobody could offer to help him down the pool for good 38 years. The only thing he had that sustained him for 38 years was Hope.

You see, a man begins to die when he cease to hope. Hope is a tree of life – Pro. 13:12. God is Hope, hope is God. If you need hope in life, you need God. If you have God, you have Hope. Therefore, if you will lose anything in life, don’t lose Hope. If you will give up on anything or anybody, don’t give up on Hope.

A Real Life Experience: When Hope is Deferred

On 15th of May 2019, as I left home for work early morning, few minute away from home something terrible happened.

Hey! Don’t move all else I gun you down, said one of the robbers. I was frightened as I saw a gun pointing right at my forehead. I was asked to cooperate or lose my life. So I chose to cooperate, and I lost my phone to the robbers. I came back home depressed. I have never been a victim of robbery attack before this time.

Had I know? I would have waited at home? Had I know? I would have passed through another street?  Had I know, had I know became my song. Can’t imagine losing my new phone to the robbers.  Losing my phone was a big deal, but unknown to me that something more than losing phone had happened.

Two days after, I was in the office trying to check up for updates from clients, guess what I saw? DEBIT ALERT! Multiple debit alerts from my bank was waiting for me. The robbers have hacked my account, moped good sum of money. How they got my account details, I didn’t know. That was how the drama started. Going from bank to police station like a pendulum bulb, I was tossed to and fro.

I fasted and prayed, wrote payer request to my fellowship. But the case became more hopeless by day. I refused to give up on hope, because my God is a God of all flesh, with Him all things are possible. One morning, as I was about rounding up my morning devotion, I felt in my spirit to continuing singing praises unto the Lord. So, from 9 am, I sang till 12 pm all alone by myself. After singing, I went to bank as usual for updates. I was disappointed to hear the CRS officer saying, the hackers used my money for online transaction.  I went straight to the police station to give situation report to my IPO. He wasn’t on sit. His colleague said to me, young man, why are you always coming at the wrong time? I soon discover that, a wrong time with man is a right time with God. Later in the evening, I went to church for a Bible study. I gave maximum attention to God’s word. I didn’t allow my predicament to prevent me from the richness of the teaching. After service, I picked up my phone, guess what I saw? CREDIT ALERT! The money was reversed. Halleluyah!

That was on the 1st of July 2019, after a month and 15 days, the terrible situation turned to a supernatural testimony.  

Hope deferred or delayed is not hope denied. There is hope for you, if only you will look up to Jesus, the Hope of the world.

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